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20130627_143710 20130707_145416 20130707_112838 Samy Curls Shockwaves cropped 20130616_191938 20130616_191734 Phil Smith Curly Locks


2 Responses to Hair

  1. Jess A says:

    Did you change the theme/format? I like it! Also, I want to see some pics of your gorgeous curls!

  2. sch100 says:

    Yes I have! It took absolutely forever and I am having some trouble with the photos that I still need to play with. What do you think?

    Yes I need to put some on, it’s funny you said that as I was thinking the same thing. I have a few pictures on my Gravatar that show them; they are very tight ringlety ones. I am posting tomorrow about my friend’s gorgeous curls as well because hers are so different to mine but I just love finding out how each person deals with them individually.

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