Benefit: Stay don’t Stray Primer

Benefit Stay (3)

I have to say this was actually an accidental purchase. No I mean really. Not just a “oh this just fell into my basket I don’t know how it go there” spiel you give the boyfriend when he comes back from the Gillette aisle in Boots to find you with armfuls of products that you probably already have two of at home… I wasn’t looking properly and needed to find a new concealer but picked this up instead. But BOY am I glad I did. I now cannot go a single day without using this little piece of heaven. I wouldn’t say I have dark circles or anything major like that however, I wake up, look in the mirror and fill a bit flat sometimes. This primer illuminates your entire eye area with the dual action of holding your concealer and shadow like magic. This has got to be my ultimate product of the month. Dab three dots of the primer both below and above your eyes for a highlighting lift to your eyes which makes you look rested, fresh and composed. I don’t quite feel like my make-up is coming together in the mornings until I get to this point in my routine.

Benefit Stay (4)

I have always been a massive fan of Benefit products and love the gorgeous, quirky and pun-riddled packaging that they come with. I was surprised to open this and find such a liquid based solution but then again when you are expecting a concealer that is quite understandable. I like the unique applicator after dabbing however, I use my ring finger to gently blend the primer in fully  (the middle finger is too heavy handed for such a delicate area). It has a very fluid creamy texture that blends very easily, leaving a finish not dissimilar to Benefit Porefessional (see here). It is a dream underneath concealer or highlighters; an absolute must that still maintains a natural make-up free look but gives you that little lift and a product I would wholeheartedly recommend to all.

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