No7 Beautiful Skin Blemish Defense Serum

2014-02-17 14.48.56

This product is beautifully presented and I had high hopes for something that would help me with my break outs but was ultimately left disappointed. At £16 this is a very reasonable serum and considering the quality of other No7 products I have purchased in the past I had high expectations. I thought the packaging was sleek and sophisticated however I am yet to see a noticeable benefit for my skin.

There is no real fragrance to the product – this may be something some would prefer however, there is a faint clinical smell that is occasionally prevalent upon application. The consistency is quite watery which means that a little goes far as you only need one pump for a full face application. Yet when I hadn’t noticed any results for a few weeks I began using two pumps still to no avail.

I do really enjoy the slight tightness that the serum leaves on my skin as this seems to really tackle oiliness for a short time and gives a feel that could be compared to a face mask. I like to feel my products on my skin as part of the experience. This was the only indication I had though that this was taking any effect. My skin has not lessened in its break outs and unlike the promises to unclog pores and fight blemishes I am yet to see such changes after a number of weeks. All in all I was very excited to try this serum but have been somewhat let down which is such a shame from usually such a reliable and solid brand.

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