Estee Lauder Day Wear Moisturiser

This is a very interesting product; the packaging is luxurious and attractive as is the smell and feel. Admittedly, being 22 makes me younger than Estee Lauder’s traditional consumer base (not their target market as such more the age associations of the brand) however, this is an enjoyable product.

My mother put me on to Estee Lauder and has always driven home the importance of skincare – especially using a good moisturiser each day. The smell is very fruity and fresh. It always reminds me of watermelons and cucumbers in the morning which is great for a revitalising morning routine. I love the built in SPF 15 in this product, offering the skin further protection.





My skin is combination – It has very dry areas on my face however will always develop a sheen throughout the day without powder. This cream does not seem to work perfectly with this  which is unfortunate. It is very heavy for the morning and you will need to leave a good deal of time for it to sink in to the skin before applying your base makeup. However, it is not so moisturising that I feel its effects right through to the late evening as applications AM and PM are required. This does seem like an odd mix to me but I feel this comes down to my skin type not suiting this product as much as another may do so certainly has not put me off the Estee Lauder brand.

Skin creams always have their consumers in a Catch22. If we stop using them do we suddenly age dramatically? If we continue how do we know if they have had any anti-ageing effect as we will never see the other side? I have always hated this aspect of the cosmetic industry but equally applaud them for the genius. What I really enjoy about Estee Lauder’s Day Wear is the way the moisturiser reduces down from the warmth of your skin to an oil which feels very nourishing throughout the day. The ‘Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme’ claims to hide fine lines and a wide spectrum of premature ageing signs. I cannot account for this as aforementioned this seems a tricky aspect to comment on however, the protection it offers from UVA rays is a benefit I do cherish. The inclusion of Vitamin C and E is also important for a sallow complexion and I think has made a difference to the brightness of my skin over time.

Not that this is an issue for me but it is worth mentioning that this is suitable for those who suffer with acne. Estee Lauder have created a good all round moisturiser here with a variety of benefits and positive characteristics which I think have helped my skin over the past few weeks. Ido think the price tag is particularly steep but then, as with all cosmetics really, you pay for the brand and the luxury that is implied.

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