Face the Date

Dates are important; they fill us with butterflies, nerves and excitement. Whether it is a first date or like my bf and I, you have been together for years, the butterflies should never go away. I love getting ready for dates, pampering myself and feeling pretty.

However many or few products that people choose to use is entirely down to personal preference and I believe makeup and beauty products should only enhance your natural beauty rather than obscure or hide it. After all, the guy wants to see who you are both inside and out so do not wear a mask. I want to show you my personal ideal ‘face’ for a date which outlines my favourite products both on a daily basis and a few extra luxuries for that special occasion.


The base for good makeup application requires a solid skincare routine. This does not have to be complicated and ridiculous but rather the key is in the word routine. Trying different products days before a big date could lead to unwanted reactions that can be hard to disguise. A good skincare routine should always be based on a good moisturiser and my current go-to moisturiser is Clinique Superdefense SPF25 It offers my the much needed hydration that my skin so desperately lacks as well as containing a high SPF which is an absolute must for any moisturiser in order to prevent sun damage and unnecessary ageing.

For me personally, the devil is always in the details and I will first apply Smashbox photo finish foundation primer and under eye primer; I have worn this out in London with friends before for over 18hours without my makeup budging one bit. I cannot recommend it highly enough. However, I know this is a luxury that not all may want/need. On top of this I will always use Benefit Porefessional Primer. This is liquid gold and I currently have 3 full size tubes as well as a few miniatures for travel lurking around as I can never be without this. I have suffered from massive pores since I was a teenager and it is always the first thing I notice when I look in the mirror. Now I know we are always our worst critics and most other people will A) not care the slightest bit about how big we think our pores are or B) never get close enough to even realise but to me it is important.  I think on a date they could well get close enough to notice (If boys EVER noticed that kind of thing…) but also the way you feel is always translated into your posture and demeanour so anything that makes me feel good will give me a very positive and confident vibe on a date. This primer literally air brushes your skin and gives it a dewy consistency that I just adore and acts as a second layer for solidifying your foundation.

Now you have built a concrete base for your foundation to hold it in place and give you that perfect complexion. I have included both a BB cream and a foundation as this is really down to personal choice. Some prefer the lighter almost-there look of BB whilst others prefer the coverage a foundation gives you. My favourite BB cream is No7 Beautiful Skin as it really does blend to your natural colour perfectly as well as containing that all important SPF 15. Sometimes I will mix it with my slightly darker foundation; Maybelline SuperStay 24hours depending on my mood. This also has a good solid SPF 10 something which I always try to have in any foundation. I do not believe in high end foundations especially on my budget; and SuperStay has been the most effective and hardworking foundation I have had for a long time so I can strongly recommend it. What I also like is the ability to mix and match Maybelline’s powders and foundations across their ranges as they all use the same colour names which are pretty accurate throughout. I will apply this with a foundation brush or my fingers depending on how much time I have to get ready. A brush will offer you a more flawless and comprehensive coverage if you are willing to put in the extra time.

Next comes your eye-shadow primer to secure that colour that you have so painstakingly blended and applied, you wouldn’t want to have any fallout halfway through the night would you? Again I have found that this primer will hold my eye-shadow perfectly all night long and further. In terms of Eye-shadows I absolutely adore MUA Palette ‘Heaven and Earth’. Some do go as far as suggesting this is a dupe of the Naked Palettes but either way for a whopping £4 and such great payoff in terms of colour and staying power you can’t really go wrong. I love the range of natural colours and slight shimmer that they offer. This palette is really worth a look.

A crucial tool no girl should ever be without, especially on date night is her eyelash curler. Before even considering your mascara choices, make sure you get full use out of one of these; the difference you will see if you are not already a convert is amazing. Now my normal eyelashes feel stubby and diminished in comparison; I don’t think my boyfriend has seen my real non-curled eyelashes ever! Once curled, my utter favourite in terms of mascara for years has been Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara. It makes my eyelashes look so different. I have had a few people ask me which mascara I use and I cannot give this a higher recommendation. I absolutely love it! It never ever clumps, it never ever gives me spidery lashes from over application and it widens and fans out my eyelashes which is just perfect. You can tell how well-worn this is from the photo by the fact I have managed to completely wear away all the writing from the packaging!

My eyeliner of choice is Bourjois Liner Stylo I cannot stand the pencil eye liners which after a while, when the lead part wears away you get jabbed in the eye with the wooden pencil. I will always go in for twist-up pencils and this one gives me the least fall out and almost no panda eyes after a long day so it is absolutely perfect for a date. I will always only use the pencil on my tear line mainly because I do not think I have the proficiency to use it effectively above my lash-line but I also do not think it gives a sharp enough line to accentuate your lashes; a girl’s best weapon when on a date. In terms of lash liners I will always go for a black eye-shadow applied with a wet slanted eye-shadow brush. This gives high definition of your lashes over the coloured eye-shadow as well as removing all those tiny squiggles some girls cannot get rid of with liquid liner. Personally there is no worse makeup faux-pas that badly applied liquid eyeliner and it should be avoided at all costs. It is right up there with the foundation/chin line. Girls, you know what I mean! A wet black eye shadow gives you the flexibility to create a defined line or, if you prefer, a more smudged natural look. It is something I would recommend everybody try at least once and my choice is Bourjois Intense Extrait 10.

Now we are really getting down to the finishing touches. I bronzer is crucial to brighten up your face and contour it in the right places to avoid that flat matte look that foundation only gives some people. If nothing else, it can give you incredible cheekbones which on a date, we all want. I love Maybelline Dream Sun because it have a gradient of colour which allows me to change my application depending on the weather/season/the mood of my skin that day. I have included my new love; Benefit Sun Beam. This is a great little extra which can highlight your cheekbones and brow area for that extra little bit of luxury. I admit this is completely faffy but something I love to add extra depth to my makeup.

I have gone with my two favourite lipsticks that I would use on a date night. I have steered clear of all lip glosses as if any kissing will be going on they just create a while world of trouble and mess in my opinion. I adore Revlon Lip butters especially… and have thrown in MAC Crème Cup For some variety as a solid neutral to bolster your collection. I personally avoid bold lipsticks on dates; the kissing situation again poses a problem, and so does eating, drinking and anything else really! I love bold colours but they are not ideal for dates; too long is spent worrying about smudging, bleeding and the dreaded lipstick-on-the-teeth business or maybe that is just me.

2013-12-01 14.11.02

For the final flourish I love my MAC Pressed Powder. It is translucent and something I now cannot go on a date without. I noticed in a few pictures my T-line looked shiny and this has proved the perfect remedy. I dug this beauty out because dates are certainly situations that make some of us go very shiny and this rectifies this issue beautifully as well as doubling up as a gorgeous little compact for your date-night clutch.

2013-12-01 14.10.27

I have tried to put together my favourites for every possible product that I may use which I hope you find useful and in glean some useful tips from. I would wholly recommend each of these products and love using them on a daily basis. However, these only enhance what might have enticed a guy on a date in the first place. These should bolster your confidence; which is ultimately the most attractive and beautiful thing about any woman.

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