Neutrogena Rapidly Clear 4-Hour Treatment

2013-11-30 15.44.04

Ever had those days when you wake up with a giant red spot in an un-missable position? The kind that is angry, sore and red but just lurking beneath the surface and you know could take a few days to go away? Oh. And naturally, it’s the day before that big date/meeting/night out just to add to the drama. Well I have one of those days recently and in vain hope I tried the most recent in my blemish-battle. To be honest I hadn’t held out much hope as most such products promise the world and deliver very little. However, with Neutrogena’s Rapidly Clear Treatment my spot actually vanished by the evening! There was not any of the under the skin sensitivity left whatsoever and I felt so much more confident, let alone amazed that for the first time I had won the war on spots. This product comfortably lives up to its claims of visibly reducing spots in 4 hours and something that I have now on a number of occasions have found to be true.

It comes out of the tube with a milky clear colour and quite a runny consistency (but you do not need a lot at all) and it did initially sting when I applied but worked absolute wonders. The tube is very small for its price but well worth a try and something I will be continually turning to in those times of trouble!

2013-11-30 15.44.18

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