Jergens Naturals: Favourite Moisture Trio

As the mornings have developed more of a bite in the air I find myself reaching for my moisturisers even more to combat the awful drying effects of the wind and cold. My go-to moisturisers at the moment are Jergens. Their products efficiency, perfume and consistency is exactly what I have been looking for. I find that my skin is usually particularly dry around this time of year therefore a moisturiser will have to work extra-hard in order to make the cut as it were. These three in particular do this very well; all three leave my skin feeling soft, plump and with no trace of a thick residue left on the skin. They sink in very quickly which is perfect for my morning rush, or in the evening when it is so cold I rarely want to expose my skin for too long.

2013-08-16 12.27.48

 Daily Moisture is typically my more regularly used cream, it has a very light fruity citrus fragrance which is really refreshing and although works incredibly hard to make my skin soft, this lightness continues in its overall consistency. Both this cream and my cherry-almond version are finished now as both were just so scrumptious. However, these are certainly two that I will repurchase soon. An added bonus was that my boyfriend is absolutely obsessed with this second particular fragrance, so to him I just smelt like a giant cherry bakewell – absolutely fine by me.

I have left their skin firming lotion for last because despite their claims, I think it would be foolish to believe a cream can really make much difference in this area. But a girl can dream and I used this throughout spring to ready my pins for their exposure in the summer. I can’t say this really had any effect on the firming front whatsoever but once again the product certainly delivered in terms of moisturising action and fragrance.

All three Jergens naturals come highly recommended by myself as an inexpensive way to add a little luxury to your daily routine with the addition of some fun and fruity fragrances to keep you entertained. I would personally love Jergens to continue in this vein with other similar pudding-related moisturisers. I would without a doubt be the first in line for a banoffee moisturiser, a coffee-cream tiramisu scent or even a raspberry roulade fragrance.

If you could put your favourite desert in a bottle what would it be?

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