Winter Workwear

Winter Workwear
As the days become shorter and much much colder, finding something exciting to wear to work is becoming more and more important.
I love bright colours juxtaposed against the dark hues of grey and black – this has become a basis for most of my work outfits. What I find useful about these combinations is it allows you to build up a variety of staples on which you can stage your statement pieces of jewellery or fabulous new heels. Working in a school as well means that I need something that will be smart, suitable and most of all comfortable as often I will be on my feet for the entire day. Pencil skirts are my go-to outfits in the morning as they make me feel feminine and also taller, some suit-trousers in particular make me feel shorter than I really am. This can in turn knock my confidence throughout the day, leaving me feeling small and frumpy.
I have put together my ultimate wishlist for an autumnal work closet featuring lots of pumpkin shades to accentuate this beautiful time of year as well as bringing some fire back to the dying days.
What do you wear to work that really sets you up for the day ahead?
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