Stocking Fillers for Teenagers

Stocking Fillers for Teenagers
Throughout my early teenage years I have had very well meaning but utterly clueless gifts as I imagine everybody has had. A few aunties and family friends however, always seemed to get that winning combination of patronising-free gifts with something that doesn’t jump onto a fad that is over so quick it makes your head spin. These have always highlighted how well they know you and are cherished for years. I remember when I was very young a neighbour bought me a cylindrical make-up case and brush holder. I loved it and used it everyday until it quite literally fell apart. For me, receiving gifts has been a wonderful experience but nothing in comparison to the joy of shopping for that perfect present for somebody else – let alone the suspense and excitement as you wait for them to unwrap it. Therefore now that I am beginning my consider my gifts for others, I am reminded of the difficulty buying for teenage girls.
I think for girls the key is finding something that is timeless, not in the same way as a chanel perfume or good book is timeless, but rather is universal and inoffensive. This is something that would suit a range of personalities and styles because it is something that every girl can use.
I have compiled my favourite stocking fillers with budgets in mind. These would also all be perfect for Secret Santa in this respect.
  1. I Love body moisturizer £7.95 –
  2. Topshop makeup brush £8 –
  3. Purple glitter nail polish £5 –
  4. Tech accessory £19 –
  5. Scarf £10 –
  6. Lips makeup £6 –
  7. Essie nail polish £5 –
  8. Britney spears perfume £24 –
  9. Monsoon £10 – Compact Mirror
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One Response to Stocking Fillers for Teenagers

  1. Erika says:

    Great post! Really helpful for the elder relatives (and godparents, family friends, etc.) who don’t know what gift to give us girly girls. 😆

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