Sanctuary Shower Oil, Johnson’s Baby Oil and Vaseline Cocoa Butter Oil Review

 Each oil is unique and has slightly different qualities and properties, overall I would say my favourite would be the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Oil. I would normally apply this direct from the shower as it holds the moisture against my skin and leaves my skin feeling supple, soft and with a faint scent. I prefer the Vaseline Oils to the Johnson’s original Baby Oil simply for the consistency; Johnson’s Baby Oil can be somewhat more watery which in turn means that it slides off my skin and transfers unto sheets much more that the Vaseline. The Vaseline Oils have a thicker consistency that absorbs in under 5 minutes which is unbelievable considering how thick and moisturising they are; there is very little transfer and after exactly five minutes I can jump into bed with no worries about losing my much-needed moisture to my bed linen. The Vaseline Oil stays exactly where it is put and hydrates my skin enormously, I love how nourishing this is for my skin especially now as winter is drawing in. When considering price however, the Vaseline Oil is roughly double that of the Johnson’s Baby Oil and fractionally smaller in size. However, when you think how much product can easily, or carelessly lost, the Vaseline Oil is very cost effective as a little goes a long way and does not transfer in the same way as the Johnson’s Baby Oil. This is perhaps my biggest peeve with an otherwise fabulous and cost effective product from Johnson’s.


I should mention the final in this oil trio – Sanctuary Shower Oil. This is a very different animal to both of the other two; rather than applying post-shower, this product cleverly combines a shower creme and a post shower hydrating oil into one indulgent and also routine-shortening product. This is ideal for a busy morning where you still want to add a little luxury. I think this sanctuary product is ideal for this time of year when the harsh weather outside and blasting heat inside can dry your skin massively. For a more in-depth review on this product and other Sanctuary products click here.

All three oils offer slightly different things depending on your needs. If you need just a drop of extra moisture post-shower I would highlight recommend Johnson’s Baby Oil as a simple and very cheap way of boosting your hydration.

If you need something more substantial and hardworking, the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Oil is without a doubt at the very top of my list. And finally if you want a little more luxe in your routine then Sanctuary Shower Oil is something certainly worth trying and as far as Christmas presents for family/in-laws or friends go, I would be utterly chuffed to find something like this in my stocking!

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