Organic Surge Review

I bought a number of items from Organic Surge a while ago and now having finished most of them, I thought it would be a good opportunity to offer a well rounded view. Firstly, I was very much attracted by the ethical and organic qualities of this product. I found myself wholly agreeing with their ideology and very excited to try their products. For my initial impressions and the ethos behind Organic Surge see here.


I personally do not think that the intensive moisturiser and I were a very good match; my skin is very dry and I need something quite hard working to quench it’s thirst however, this moisturiser just felt rather heavy on my skin and left my looking incredibly shiny as the day wore on. In hindsight this would have been much better suited for night time use but my skin required something that was deeply moisturising but light at the same time; truthfully I should take them at their word when they say super-intensive as perhaps this offered more moisture than my skin could handle. This just goes to show how effective their products are as usually I would opt for the most intensive option available.

The other two products in my basket however I absolutely adore. The daily care face wash has beautiful scents of rose and geranium essential oils and reminds me of something very familiar that I just can’t quite place. It foams up ever so slightly, enough to wash away the oil and dirt but not enough to dry out my skin. After washing my skin feels soft and holds on to the delicate scent of the wash for a little while which I find delicious.


This final product has got to be the one I had the least real interest in, it was an impulse buy that I hadn’t fully processed. However, upon using it, this cleansing lotion now has to be one of my ultimate favourite products of all time! The lotion itself has a milky texture that you apply over your damp face. I like to do this after I have used the daily care face wash in order to remove any last traces of make-up and protect the top layer of my skin from the heat and mist in the bathroom. It adds a touch of luxury to a fairly basic morning or evening routine. I love to use this just before bed or after the shower where the shower mist can sometimes sap the moisture from my skin. The smell isn’t perhaps one I would have liked had I bought this in a shop however, it has grown on my considerably and now the rosemary fragrance reminds me of a treatment that they may use at a spa day.

All in all I loved these products and the ethos that surrounds this company. I like their unusual scents and use of organic ingredients;  I would certainly repurchase the cleansing lotion and am looking forward to trying more items in their range.


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  1. Jo says:

    hello I’m doing a report on organic surge and I was wondering what you thought of their customer service?

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