L’Oreal Skin Perfection Serum and Moisturiser

After finishing my Organic Surge Intensive Moisturiser I was looking for a new face cream and I had seen this advertised quite vigorously on television. I also bought the serum in the range which has made my basic routine feel more luxurious; this has been crucial especially with almost a week of 14hour days to take it out of me. When I initially got this home and read through all the packaging I found lacking in any real assertions and giving a rather vague explanation of what LR2412 could be in the ‘advanced formula’ and its benefits. This seem rather frustrating and a little gimmicky but regardless I was eager to try this. When I applied the serum I found the smell absolutely awful and it still takes me quite by surprise every morning. There is no way around it but to say that it is nasty. It has a very medicinal quality to it which is very unpleasant.


But I soon found this is where the negatives for both the moisturiser and the serum ended. I noticed within a week how much tighter my pores appeared, something I have always struggled with, and how soft my usually moisture-sapping skin had become. I felt slightly more pampered every day and unlike the Organic Surge Moisturiser, my skin is hydrated without feeling heavy and oily. The redness in the morning also seems to be abating at time goes on and my complexion has become much more unified. I use both products together and they leave a perfect matte finish which is what was promised but has also meant that I have no need for any primer of any kind which is most definitely a first! My foundation now glides on quite effortlessly and I have been able to use less than usual which has been a rather unexpected bonus.

Despite the horrible medicinal smell of the serum, the moisturiser has none of those qualities and needless to say I am absolutely bowled over by both of these products. They are above the usual price for drug-store moisturisers from L’oreal and other companies but far below the exorbitant price-tag of other brands’ moisturisers and performs at a similar level to my Estee Lauder Day Cream. And with that final note I could not give it any higher praise.


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