John Frieda Sheer Blonde: Go Blonder

I didn’t want to review this product until I had used it every which way and I can tell you this works; not overnight and you will not get immediate results, but to be honest, if you wanted that then you would simply dye your hair.

My natural hair colour is a light brown with blonde curls around my face and as I used this over time my hair did naturally go much lighter. It became a medium blonde all over but the blonde that was already there didn’t go any brighter than what I had naturally. I would suggest that this product is best suited for people with hair colour like my own and those looking to brighten and lighten already very blonde hair should look to a shampoo and conditioner with a purple tint. This will counter the brassy tones to make your hair appear more blonde. But back to the Go Blonder; it took about 3-4 months of usage before I could see quite a stark whole-head difference between my colour naturally and my colour after the product but for a subtle highlighted look this would take about 2 months of regular usage. The first place I noticed the effects of this duo was on the finer hair around my crown and the very tips of my hair, it takes much longer for the rest of the hair fibre to become lighter.


Overall, the smell and texture of this shampoo and conditioner is fantastic. I love all lemon yellow hair products and the smell is gorgeous. My hair is left feeling very clean with no residue whatsoever. I really liked using the conditioner not just for its lightening effects as it made my hair so soft and also really helped hold my curls quite well.

I have read that it is not recommended for use over dyed hair but after going dark again for the winter I began to lighten again in the summer with this once more. (I know, I am not happy unless I am playing around with my hair). When I dyed it, it went almost black and I absolutely hated it. I didn’t use this immediately on the freshly dyed hair but about 3weeks later I began to re-use the Go Blonder and now my hair is back to its original light brown with natural blonde highlights around my face. It worked an absolute treat and I didn’t feel like I was damaging my hair as it does not contain any peroxide at all, which is a bonus for those looking to play around with their colour without the commitment of a bleaching product.

I really enjoyed using this product; it has a luxurious feel to it and largely does what it says on the tin. The disclaimer here really is do not expect drastic results and be prepared to use it continuously as what they offer is a gradual lightening process.



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