Statement Necklaces for Work and Play

I went shopping in Westfields today and after a few people asked me where I got my necklace from and as I bought another, this post was born! I am really falling in love with bold statement pieces this year; they can add a touch of glamour to an outfit which also making it unique and your own. I noticed today in Zara that they have a huge selection of statement jewellery, more than I have seen in one shop before so needless to say I was over the moon.

This is a sneaky peak at some of the necklaces I found today all from Zara:


The one I decided to go with was this large black one, I chose it to spice up my work wardrobe for the autumn and the black makes it very wearable as I’m not limited to one colour range.

Statement Necklaces (16)

Another large black necklace I have is this magnetic one from H&M. I love the unique clasp and lots of people have commented on it in the past. This is perfect for work as the dark colour doesn’t make it too outlandish.


To put this necklace in this category really depends on how adventurous you want to be and what you class as a statement piece. This one is great from those ‘breaking themselves in’ to big jewellery as admittedly it took me a while to come round to the idea. The gold fringe goes brilliantly with a flowy white top in the summer.

Statement Necklaces (5)

I recently picked up this silver necklace from Topshop. It has a rope clasp which I know some people have not got on with very well but it seems to have worked great for me. I usually wear this with a white blouse or a super vibrant vest top and again is a perfect casual summer piece.

Statement Necklaces (11)

Statement Necklaces (12)

This was the necklace I wore out today and absolutely has to be my favourite at the minute. About a year ago I saw Kin Kardashian in an amazing gold necklace which I was immediately coveting. After a bit of internet searching I found that it was part of her own jewellery range, out of stock and well out of my price range anyway. I wasn’t ready to give up hope though and have kept my eyes peeled for something similar ever since. This beauty just fell in my lap one day at the very reasonable price of £16.99 from Dorothy Perkins. So for a cheeky Kim Kardashian Dupe head down to Dorothy Perkins but all the high street shops have a great range of big, bold jewellery to suit everyone and any occasion.

Statement Necklaces (14)


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4 Responses to Statement Necklaces for Work and Play

  1. Jess A says:

    This has come at such an apt time…we must think alike. I’ve been eyeing statement necklaces too, particulary after reading the last J. Crew magazine. They just look so sharp with a blouse and pullover (I am really craving a light grey, cashmere one for the fall/winter…). It’s just such a smart way to update an outfit.

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