Deborah Messing: Favourite Curly-haired Celebrities


I remember the first time I saw Deborah Messing on Will and Grace years ago. I immediately fell in love with her gorgeous bouncy red locks. That was the bit that really had me mesmerised; how bouncy they were. She managed to give her curls the most amazing volume but without any frizziness at all. Now I know, I know, she probably had an army of stylists and my mid-teen self should accept that but she still offers a great inspiration for curly girls all over.  I really like how she manages to get her hair into large voluminous sweeps away from her head as I often struggle with products weighing my hair down too much. Messing is just beautiful and is such a champion for curly hair and red-heads everywhere.


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One Response to Deborah Messing: Favourite Curly-haired Celebrities

  1. Jess A says:

    I totally fell in love with Deborah, too. That colour! The volume! I was enchanted. She was just the very picture of beauty in my eyes (and still is!).

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