New Acrylic Makeup Storage

Having been away at university for three years and another post-grad year I have always found myself living in limbo; half my things in my parents’ home and half at university. For the first time in a long while my makeup collection is actually all in one place and I can think about how best to store/show off my ever growing collection. What with all my stuff being everywhere and my makeup entangled with my hair and skin products and nail varnishes in various boxes, drawers and vanity cases I have found that I will lose something, replace and then find it a few weeks later. Messes like that have left me with so many doubles and more than 5 different types of black eye shadows. Absolutely ridiculous!

I have had my heart set on a gorgeous set of Muji acrylic storage drawers to showcase my makeup (after a good ole de-clutter) for a really long time now but they were alway sold out. They were due back in stock on the 11th August so I thought right, as soon as I’m back from holiday I’ll get myself some. Well I came back only to find they are out of stock until the end of September.  I have waited a good few months for some to come into stock with no avail so set about finding another solution. I scoured eBay for something similar and whilst there is a lot of variety none seem to have the quality of the Muji storage. That is, until I stumbled upon Ryman’s website. Completely by chance I found my holy grail amongst their stationary which would have been the last place I would have suspected!

I ordered three sets of Osco drawers and they were delivered the next day free of charge (if you spend over £30). I am absolutely in love. They are just perfect! They are two-thirds of the length of the Muji storage drawers but the fact that they are never available anyway makes them redundant. The Ryman drawers are totally solid and do the job brilliantly, I couldn’t be more pleased. They have little grippy pads on the bottom of each box as well which makes them ideal for stacking as they do not slip one bit. The sticker does say medium which would lead you to believe there is a large, especially as they have a small, but there isn’t which is a little odd but hey ho.

As I said, I loved being able to admire my collection as much as using it and having the stuff I use most regularly so visible means I can stop this business of buying multiples by mistake. I can see that I will already need a few more boxes very soon and am definitely going to look for the perfect brush holder also. So, without further ado, this is how I have used my new storage: Ta da!

2013-08-13 17.01.55

So starting at the bottom and working my way up; in here I have just got my blushers and bronzers and one of the BB Creams which I am using currently. (Ps. Can you see how the BB packaging melted in the heat? Bit odd.)

2013-08-13 17.02.43

Second drawer contains my overspill of eye shadows and lip glosses, I also have some quirky eye shadow pens in here which I like to dip into occasionally. These have colour on one end and a corresponding lighter colour with a dash of sparkle on the other.

Makeup Storage (7)

The next drawer has my occasional skin products (but not skincare). This includes some sample foundations I received from a friend who used to work at Coty along with my Benefit, Smashbox and Estee Lauder Primers.

Makeup Storage (8)

Next I have my most used lipsticks and glosses. These are the ones I would turn to on a daily basis both for work and evening. I have reviewed a selection here.

Makeup Storage (9)

Second from the top is probably my most used drawer – especially on ‘no makeup days’ where just a dash of mascara is in order. Here I keep my eye liners; both liquid and pencil, primers and brow liners.

Makeup Storage (10)

This top drawer holds my Mac blotting powder and favourite Chanel Eye Shadow Palette along with smaller eye products and travel sized primers.

Makeup Storage (11)

In the final set of drawers I have my main selection of eye shadows, these really are my favourite and ones which I will reach for time and time again. I keep my palettes in the second drawer, the MUA Palette I used on holiday and found to be great value for money and totally worth it.

Makeup Storage (12)

Makeup Storage (14)

The final drawer probably proves to be the one that will help clear my bedside table the most; in here I have decided to keep all the little extra bits required for primping and preening in front of the mirror. I have some large clips for my hair to give them extra body at the roots, my spare contact lenses, tweezers and a lot of hair grips. I am glad I kept the packaging they came in as now they slot nicely into the drawer in their own divider without any mess.

Makeup Storage (13)

So there you have it! I am so thrilled with the new setup, how do you store your own makeup? If there is anything I have mentioned or you have spotted that you want to know more about let me know and I’d love to ramble on some more about that too!

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3 Responses to New Acrylic Makeup Storage

  1. Jess A says:

    Yes! I’m such a fan of all things acrylic. I’ve got some stored away in my new fancy gold paper-lined drawer, and I’m trying to find one that fits my four pairs of sunglasses perfectly. They’re so versatile.

    • sch100 says:

      Agreed! I love them! I am already looking at getting more and growing my little acrylic village. Check out the Ryman’s site because they have other shapes and sizes available – just check for international shipping.

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