What’s in My Holiday Makeup Bag


Tomorrow I leave for a week in Turkey with the family. We are meeting our South-African family out there so I couldn’t be more thrilled!


Aside from pondering which outfits to take (We are a very active family so I have to pack appropriately and be ready for any adventure might be thrown our way) what beauty products is also an important decision. Anything that make it into the limited space I have must be multi-functional or really serve its purpose well.

Saying this I have opted for two BB Creams.. This is because I am really enjoying my recent GOSH purchase after a sample I recieved a little while back and think it is perfect for holiday. However, I don’t know how it happened but the black must have absorbed so much heat that the packaging has become warped and rather melted. Not a good sign, especially when I am bound for Turkey. So I decided to also take my back up No7 which is my tried and tested cream with great results every time to avoid being caught out. My No7 Concealer is also a no brainer; I have never had a concealer before that has done such a comprehensive job of covering up all redness and blemishes as this one.

As I mentioned in Top 5 Summer Beauty Essentials, a good moisturiser is crucial. I am taking my Organic Surge intensive moisturiser which I discussed more here. Having used it consistently all summer I cannot say I am completely enamoured with it but it certainly is thick and offers deep moisturisation so should be ideal for the moisture-sapping heat of Turkey. Although under other circumstances this may get relegated to a back shelf I have decided to claw back some space from my beauty mountain and I am determined to finish this before trying another alternative.

The Body Shop Shimmer was actually given to me as a Christmas present, the packaging is far from ideal for travelling with but the golden shimmer that it give out is so luxurious and lightly scented I just cannot wait to put it on in the evenings.


L’oreal Superliner is a brilliant liquid liner. I was never able to do liquid eyeliner in a dash like I have seen some people do; I would have to sit down and really concentrate, but this liner knocked me for six the first time I used it in 2 minutes. Anybody can get a perfect line with this and will be great for the evening with a maxi dress.

My standard black eyeshadow from Rimmel has to come with also, this works really well with a damp slanted brush on the outer quarter of your lash line to give more definition with no effort.

I am going to try out the MUA Pallette I bought recently for the first time. The bronze and natural tones should suit a tan perfectly as well s giving me loads of choice in a compact product. I’ll let you know how I get on with this.

Hair and Lips:

As I mentioned in my Summer Holiday Beauty Haul, as soon as I bought this Revlon Lip Butter I just fell in love with it (for a full review check it out here). Something else that is new to me is Elvive Extraordinary Oil which I am taking to hopefully protect my hair from the chlorine, salt water and sun damage. This one is for coloured hair and to say it is new isn’t exactly true. I used the original before and loved it but decided to opt for the coloured hair one this time in the hope that it will provide more protection. It does have a odd alcohol smell however which the original doesn’t have so I will have to see how this goes as I am not too keen on that bit at all.

In the heat I find I just can’t bear to have my hair down as it makes me feel so uncomfortably hot. Especially with curls where in order to maintain the integrity of the coils you can for no reason whatsoever on God’s good earth touch them, so it is better for everybody involved if I can put them up into a bun whilst lounging on the beach or pool. I absolute adore this weird scrunchy bun device (If you have a name for it I’d love to know) it makes a bun, something I put my hair into out of sheer desperation and heat suffocation, into something that feels deliberate, voluminous and even dare I say attractive! So this will certainly be coming with me!

Now you may also have notice a cheeky bottle of deet hovering around, I know this seems a little extreme but mosquitoes and bugs of al sorts just seem to love the taste of my blood so this is a just-in-case to avoid a week of itchy red blotches that heaven forbid will obscure my hard-earned tan.

And Finally my Paul Smith Floral – Of all my perfumes this one is ideal for holiday as it is exactly that, floral. It has a fresh zestiness which doesn’t laden you down with scent but rather epitomizes summer in a light, delicate sort of way. I have a diddy one perfect for travelling and once it is done I can recycle the enamel bottle, yay!

Now for me this is quite a tight leash I have put myself on and aim to be incredibly restrained for the sake of space. How much do you usually take and what are your holiday must-haves?

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3 Responses to What’s in My Holiday Makeup Bag

  1. Jess A says:

    This looks great! Have so much fun, Bianca!

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