Annalynne McCord: Favourite Curly-Haired Celebrities

Her hair is gorgeous! Beautiful, bouncy and shiny curls that she makes look so effortless. I love her shorter style as it shows how curly hair can be worn on a daily basis; she also achieves great volume and body whilst keeping the integrity of the curls intact. I love checking out how others style their curls to glean inspiration for my own and Annalynne’s style is just fabulous.


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4 Responses to Annalynne McCord: Favourite Curly-Haired Celebrities

  1. Jess A says:

    I’ve always admired her curls, and the fact that she wears it curly pretty consistently (a rarity in Hollywood). It’s always smart to have someone who’s hair is similar to yours to admire – good growth inspiration!

  2. sch100 says:

    Her curls are incredible, as are yours.

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