High-street Style vs Designer Fashion

Highstreet vs Designer Collage


This post was inspired by JoannaLoves post with some of my own recent high street purchases this week.  I was so surprised at how similar some items can be but how vastly different the prices remain. After a certain point the price you pay doesn’t simply connote quality but rather the brand that is attached to the item and if this means a difference of £££s is it really worth it?

Some things cannot be imitated such as the beautiful Louboutins, but I have a pair of gorgeous Chanel Aviators that I am so scared I’ll drop a break so another less precious pair is always welcome, and probably offers the best saving. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t have shelled out almost £3000 for my shop this week!

Indulging in those luxury designer items does give that gleefully spoilt feeling of truly treating yourself and each has their own preference but one thing is clear; the highstreet works considerably hard to offer cracking dupes for a fraction of the price.


Cat Eye Sunglasses – River Island: £10

Turquoise Heels – New Look: £10

White Jumper – H&M: £15

Hot Pink Bikini – New Look: £12

Taupe Purse – H&M: £15

Hot Pink Belt – Fantasia: £8


Total: £70




Cat Eye Sunglasses – Illesteva: £180

Turquoise Heels – Christian Louboutin: £525

White Jumper – Band of Outsiders: £225

Hot Pink Bikini – Lanvin: £355

Taupe Purse – Alaia: £1,230

Hot Pink Belt – Hermes: £440


Total: £2,955



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2 Responses to High-street Style vs Designer Fashion

  1. Jess A says:

    This is awesome. It really is amazing to see the price difference, and, like you said, I am all for quality (in fact, I’m trying to buy FEWER things, but spend more money on high QUALITY things), but at times you’re just payng for the name. It’s tricky to draw the line. That white sweater is super cute! Love me some H&M for the ‘cheap and cheerful’!

  2. Ray says:

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    here on this post. I’ll be coming back to your website for more soon.

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