Summer Holiday Beauty Haul

2013-07-24 14.50.07

So my sister and I went on a shopping trip mostly in search of products for the summer and for me in particular, the perfect new lip colour. As you can see I went a little overboard as there was so much stuff that I wanted to try. My sister bought the 17 BB and 17 Bronzer for our upcoming holiday in the 2 for £8 deal that they currently have running. This was an absolute steal and she reports that the BB cream is ‘absolutely amazing, a little greasy but when you apply it this goes away. Love it’ and she has worn it every day so far and it gives really great coverage without looking heavy at all. She has super dark skin which makes me look very sad and pale in comparison but hey, let’s not dwell on that!

2013-07-24 15.11.39 2013-07-24 15.11.57

I splurged on some new hair products; Aussie Miracle Moist, Umberto Giannini Scrunching Jelly and Serum. The Umberto Ginannini is also currently on offer at 2 for £8 which is a bargain. I really wanted to try these after talking to my friend who swears by them (read more about that here) so I am looking forward to these. Also I wanted to try something different for my hair, something that will help it drink in as much moisture as absolutely possible. Those of you with curly hair will know how important this is.

I also bought myself a nifty little bronzer as mine is completely cracked. What a especially liked about this was the different shades of colour which meant I could make full use of it both pre and post holiday. Versatile products always seem better value for money as well as freeing up space in your makeup stash.

I have so many black eye shadows but at the moment every single one of them seems to have gone missing or is doing a very good job of hiding from me so I just bit the bullet and bought a new one. I tried the Bourjois Smokey Eyes ranges and loved it so I thought I would try their single colour pots as well. The black is so intense and really holds well on your skin. I also think the little mirror in the lid is a great touch and gives the product an extra dimension, perfect for on the move or to take with on our holiday in a few days.

2013-07-24 15.15.57 2013-07-24 15.15.37

Going a little overboard in the lip department, I have been so excited to try out these various lipsticks and stains; I absolutely adore this Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Sugar Plum. The packaging itself has a luxe feel with the quilted pattern and the colour is delicious; you can see from the photograph it has already been well used in a short space of time. It looks as though it would be a very plum-like colour and while this does translate well to the lips it looks completely natural and in fact just gives your natural lip colour and infusion of darker pink. This has already become my go-to darker pink lipstick as it compliments a nude look brilliantly without the blue-pink or orange tones I have found other typically nude lipsticks to carry in the past.

2013-07-24 15.12.54 2013-07-24 15.13.15

Similarly, the Max Factor Colour Elixir in Rosewood is excellent. I like the little touches like the X on the lipstick, this appeals to the excited shopping within a great deal. But seriously, it offers a flush of natural dusky pink which suits my lighter complexion very well for a ‘barely there’ look. So from a barely there look to a barely there feel; whilst I love lipsticks in all their colours and blends, I sometimes get quite irritate by the feel of them on my lips, especially if I want a minimal makeup look. That is why I was so excited to try these Lip stains by 17. They are so affordable and really give a great boost of colour (I will have to swatch these soon to show you just how good they are).  I love the marker pen look and it feels like that is exactly what you are doing, colouring in your lips. Then you apply the balm afterwards to hold the colour in place and moisturise on top. I really like this idea as I very quickly forgot I had anything on at all but the colour held fast all day, really worth a try. I love the feeling after a big haul where you just can’t wait to get stuck in and working it into your daily routine.

2013-07-24 15.14.50 2013-07-24 15.14.23

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2 Responses to Summer Holiday Beauty Haul

  1. Jess A says:

    Wow, look at all the goodies!!! I am so excited for you to have the lip stain – I find it such a wearable, carefree-but-kind-of-sultry look. I love when my lipstick reaches that point where it looks like a stain. The Berry Crush in particular looks so fun.

    Also, what exactly is the deal behind BB cream? How is it different or better than normal face creams/foundations? I’m a little confused but interested in trying it out.

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