Essie Lapis of Luxury

So I had a great time in the sun yesterday with two friends eating pizza, waiting for my furniture to be delivered and building it. Now I have so many boxes to play with! Anyway, it turns out we only had the one screw driver (How unlucky we couldn’t help build…) So we left the furniture assembly to the guy whilst my friend and I painted our nails. I decided to try my new Essie Lapis of Luxury. I used Essie as an undercoat, something I picked up in a MASSIVE Boots haul the day before, and it really made my nails feel stronger and fill in the ridges for a more even coverage.

When I started painting them my friend and I looked at each other and thought, “This looks weird…” and admittedly blue nails are new to me but after the second coat to make them opaque they really grew on me! This shot here is after a couple of hours of shifting furniture around and sorting the place out on top of the regular wear and tear so it seems to be pretty hard wearing; something I would say about most of the Essie colours I own. It is really unusual and not a colour I would go for everyday due to work etc but I love it. It’s so vibrant and the colour translates really well from the bottle. It is perfect of the summer and the contrast with my skin tone makes me feel more tanned than I really am, always a bonus!


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2 Responses to Essie Lapis of Luxury

  1. Jess A says:

    This is such a gorgeous colour. Also, I’m glad the move went well! Hope you’re starting to settle in ok!

    • sch100 says:

      Thanks! It is taking ages, actually we aren’t moving in ‘officially’ until the middle of August because by boyfriend is still in Newcastle. I just moved in with my parents until then so that I wouldn’t be lonely! But I’m doing to the place up in the mean time. So excited!

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