3 Recent Facial Cleansers Review

Recently I have been trying a variety of different face washes for a couple of weeks each in an attempt to find the perfect cleanser for my needs. For the last two days I have had a complete makeup detox (brave, I know) but I decided to focus on really nailing my skincare routine over the summer so I thought I would start by sharing my experimentations. I have a combination skin which means I need a hardworking cleanser for my T-zone but that is still moisturizing enough for the rest of my face. I used Clean&Clear’s Blackhead Clearing Scrub until it was all gone; see that in my June Empties for the full low down. This was my staple face wash and it was great but I also wanted to try something new.

20130627_143554 20130719_132111(0)

Next I tried Neutrogena Spot Stress Scrub but this just didn’t do enough for me. It would suit someone who was less demanding with their requirements very well but I felt that my skin still felt slightly oily around the T-zone. It left my skin very soft and helped reinvigorate my skin, absolutely ideal for those looking for a light, foamy wash that will condition dryer skin.

This final cleanser has been such a surprise for me and I would never have even tried it if I hadn’t been at my parent’s house without my own cleanser to hand. The astute among you will have noticed this Nivea Sensitive wash is actually for men but I swear it is the best cleanser I have ever used! I know. That’s a bold statement but at this very moment it is the absolute truth. My brother introduced me to it and the difference in his skin since he began using it has been remarkable. You might think that a male face wash will be very harsh, especially as I have mentioned I want a hardworking cleanser but in truth this leaves your skin so soft and plumped up, it’s fantastic. Packed full of Chamomile and Vitamin E it gives it the moisturizing qualities that I need for my combination skin but still removes all excess oils and leaves my skin fresh. It does wonders for oily skin and leaves pores clean and minimised. I have recently been reading that foamy washes are very bad for the skin (the science is beyond me really but make of it what you will here) and this cleanser took me by surprise initially when it didn’t foam up at all. I haven’t really used a cleanser like this and thought that it wouldn’t work well because of this but in fact the results were quite the opposite. I have already repurchased this cleanser and it will no doubt become an important part of my skincare regime. So worth it.

20130719_132120 20130719_132124

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