How to Manage Curly Hair

In my experience with curly hair the best advice and tips has always come from other men and women with curly hair. Not the internet. The internet is full of people (and hair companies) offering only one solution; straighten your hair and conform. So as I have learnt to deal with my hair, I have also learnt to celebrate it and not always see it as the media would have me; as the before shot for their new miracle-range. Therefore I have always jumped on every opportunity to ask fellow curly-haired women about their hair care routine and products they use. This has always been fascinating to me as each person’s curls are very different but has always given me lots of inspiration and led me to the techniques and products which have now formed the bedrock of my regime.


I first met this friend of mine a couple of years ago climbing Kilimanjaro together and we have been fast friends ever since. Naturally we have discussed our various trials and tribulations with our curls and has shared her routine below;

The one thing I must say is how stunning I find the colour of her red hair. It suits her strong personality and compliments her porcelain skin perfectly! Her curls are very different to mine; where mine corkscrew tightly like the Botticelli Curls in The Curly Girl Method, hers are much looser and carry more volume.

So without further ado:

  1. She uses  shampoos and 2 conditioners; initially I thought this odd but in fact if you consider how thirsty curly hair is the need for different products with different purposes seems logical.
  2. Firstly Head and Shoulders for the dry scalp that often accompanies curly hair and secondly, Aussie Frizz for the intense moisturizing required to keep curls bouncy.
  3. Leave in Aussie Conditioner for some time before washing out and followed by Umberto Gianni Conditioning Mask for that extra moisture that curly hair so desperately needs. Wash both out.
  4. Put hair up in a towel and a little while later fully douse the hair with Umberto Giannini’s Curly Spray. She was very specific here that it is important to get the roots and the underside of the hair at this stage. This should be done when hair is still soaking wet as the towel catches any excess water but to towel dry will damage the hair fibre and strip it of all that moisture you have worked so hard to inject.
  5. Then add a peanut sized amount of Umberto Giannini’s Curly Scrunching Jelly to hair that is tipped upside down and scrunched upwards to encourage curl formation.
  6. Finally, carefully dry hair using a hair dryer and diffuser whilst continuing to scrunch hair upwards, which is I think the key to her volume.

Thankyou for sharing your techniques and favourite products! If you have similar hair or regimes I would love to hear what works best for you as nothing is better than tried, tested and testified methods to bring out the most beautiful side to your hair.

20130626_164256 20130626_164315

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  1. Jess A says:

    LOVE this!

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