Sally Hansen Nail Polish


In the spirit of summer I have gone for a splash of colour with Sally Hansen’s 2263. The name leaves much to be desired but the colour is a gorgeous warm red that is on the verge of orange. This is perfect for those who are tempted by the lure of warm corals but aren’t quite ready for that leap just yet. What you see here is only one coat and even without a top coat it provides a great deal of shine. Four days in now my nails are still perfect, with only a hint of wear at the very tips but absolutely no chipping. This was a whimsical purchase and considering the extent of my nail varnish collection this one has got a great deal mileage; when I fancy a drop of colour I find myself reaching for this colour quite often.

I really have been impressed with its staying power and application; it goes on smoothly with an opaque colour after just one coat. Not everywhere stocks Sally Hansen’s colour range but something I will certainly keep my eye out for again.

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3 Responses to Sally Hansen Nail Polish

  1. Jess A says:

    I love orangey-reds. This one is super cute!

  2. sch100 says:

    Ditto! Also looking for a nice new coral colour. What’s your ‘summer product’ that marks the beginning of summer for you? xx

  3. Sonette Schwartz says:

    Love the blogs!

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