Beauty Haul

I am so excited about this haul! I always give in and end up buying those little pleasures that I have had my eye on for a while, even after an incredibly expensive couple of weeks (kitting out a new house is not cheap but my new chesterfield is absolutely amazing: read more about that here).

The only problem with blogging about my hauls, products and cosmetics means that my boyfriend and mother (who has always thought these things frivolous) might just see how much I really spend!


I picked up a new foundation which is probably the only purchase that I needed, the others were just for the sheer hell of it. I experimented with  Maxfactor Face Finity Foundation recently as it combined primer, concealer and foundation with an SPF 20 which all sounded fantastic. However, it did not suit my skin at all but to read more of that check out my foundation comparison. After this experience I went back to the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid which has always been very flattering, wearable and durable. This time I have gone for their Super Stay 24 in the same shade as I know that colour suits me very well but it has the added benefit of SPF19 which the Dream Satin does not.  I am also very intrigued by the 24hour makeup claim as when term begins my days are incredibly long and will need something that is even more durable than my current – I will let you know how I get on.

20130707_112828 20130707_112800

I also wanted to try a dash of blue around my eyes for the summer as my Pinterest boards have inspired me to add a little more colour to both my wardrobe and my makeup so look forward to trying this waterproof liner. Similarly, I was craving a new Essie purchase and have been itching to try a blue polish recently but I have always put it off, not managing to justify it to myself. Yet this time I saw this cute little set in a deal AND included in the whole Boots sale of buy one get one half price; who could resist that double-whammy? This was made for me without a doubt, a fun summer blue matched with a cute and demure pink and a girl can never have too many pink nail varnishes.

Continuing the blue and pink theme I also picked up a Bourjois Smokey Eyes in Rose Vintage. I have been looking for a subtle pink hue to wear on my lids both for work and during the summer. Most of my eye shadows consist of different blacks and browns, I have bought their Smokey Eyes in Gris Lilac before; this offers some grey and pale purple hues which I absolutely loved so this should be very promising.

I also took the plunge and splashed out on Naked’s Gorgeous Curls Curl Taming Cream. I really like this range not only because they use natural, animal friendly products but also because they make a huge effort to use recycled plastic in their packaging; something larger companies would do well to take notice of. I have purchased the Curl Serum before with good results so look forward to experimenting with this as well. Also, minus any harsh Sodium Laureth Sulphate it will hopefully help my curls maintain moisture and aid my transition to the Curly Girl Method.

20130707_112847 20130707_112838

Finally, probably the product I am most excited about; Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care Leave-in Conditioning Spray. Who knew Dove made hair care products?! Admittedly I am drawn in by the bright yellow bottle but what intrigues me the most is the dual layer which I hoped I captured adequately with my meagre photography skills.  The oil connotes moisture, richness and smoothing frizz sealant whilst the milky top layer suggests conditioning, de-frizzing and lightweight softness. I cannot wait to spoil my hair with this baby.

20130707_145433 20130707_145416

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2 Responses to Beauty Haul

  1. I didn’t realize they put a pump on the super stay foundation! That makes me so happy 🙂 I love foundations having pumps it just makes it so much easier to use.

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