June Empties

Hau Cropped

Firstly my apologies for much sparser content this last week; between destroying my laptop, taking over our new home, moving some of our possessions the length of the country, beginning to move out of our place in Newcastle and visiting our new schools spare time has been something I haven’t had much of. Nevertheless, my mind has been bubbling away with ideas and products to talk to you about and my enormous splurge today (that’s just what you get when a girl is bored and left to her own devices) as well as some exciting testers I have so much to catch up on.

But let’s start at the beginning as I want to share with you my June empties. I love the excitement of buying a new product, getting it home and trying it out (maybe this will be the one that gives me that perfect skin/lips/eyes/hair feeling). Whilst this is a hugely important part of the experience I also believe that completely finishing a product can give a truer indication of how well a product had fared, is it suited to your needs and price range? For someone like myself who cannot help but amass a hoard of products well beyond her own usage ability this is extremely important as often the ones that do get finished have made it above the rest and get used every single day.


The first product I finished this month was my trusty Clean&Clear Blackhead Cleansing Scrub. This has been a staple in my bathroom for some time and has served me well. The beads offer good exfoliation but aren’t too harsh and do not leave my skin feeling raw. I have since bought a new Good Things scrub as it appeals to my ethical persuasions but had I not, I would certainly repurchase on the basis that is does exactly what it promises and leaves your skin feeling soft, clearer and oil free.

Original Source Lemon Shower Gel is also something that I have absolutely devoured this month, this gel is so invigorating and a great way to wake yourself up for the day ahead. The consistency reminds me a lot of lemon curd and it smells so good you are tempted to eat it; this goes for the other products in their range as well such as the vanilla raspberry milk which is simply to die for. I can go quite quickly through these as I use them liberally but that suits me just find as I love to try new flavours and smells regularly because nobody wants a stale routine and a new shower gel is a great way to freshen things up (ha see what I did there..)

Something else which I have run through quite quickly has been my Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Conditioner (with the help of my flatmate, yes you are welcome maybe next time just ask before and not after you finish it) I bought this specifically for help with my ends, they are not split but rather are prone to becoming very dry which makes the curls seems more frazzled at the end. Curly hair naturally drinks up enormous amounts of moisture and I hoped that something specifically targeted at the tips of my hair would help. It smells fantastic and when applied on dripping wet curls and left in can also go some way to help define them and keep them even more hydrated. Note: If you have straight hair this will just weigh your hair down so leave out this step. Now that I have finished this I have moved on to my Phil Smith Curly Locks Conditioner but have had my eye on the Bee Strong range that has recently come out; something that may feature here in due course!

20130627_14362020130627_143710Now last but certainly not least Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion. Now I have very dry skin and this is something that has been my saving grace; express is most definitely the right word here as it sinks into your skin in a matter of seconds and you are left feeling refreshed, moisturised and pampered. I hate oily moisturisers that sit on the surface of your skin and stop you getting on with your day as well as rubbing off on your clothes because of the painfully long soak in time but similarly, some ‘lighter’ moisturisers can be too weak, like pouring milk on your skin with absolutely no hydration. This product offers a happy medium, it comes out quite quickly and tends to be runny so be warned but not fooled; this offers the best hydration I have come across in a long time. My boyfriend now uses this religiously as well and when the sun is scorching as it has been recently; it cools you down and refreshed your skin. There is no doubt in my mind as to whether I should repurchase this.

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