Schwarzkopf Got2b Powder’ful

This morning I feel a little fragile as a friend of mine from way back when just so happened to be in my part of the country last night so we spend the night bar hopping around Newcastle and catching up which was absolutely fantastic. But as I was getting ready I paid more attention to my usual routine in order to give my honest opinion of this product. Got2b Powder’ful is something that I would only really use on the weekends if I was going out to give my hair that extra oomph and isn’t a regular feature in my hair care routine but I thought last night warranted its use.

I have used this many times and have noticed quite a lift when I put it on my hair. (Applying to the roots for maximum effect, it would be wasted anywhere else to be honest). The bottle boasts ‘instant root boost and volume’ something which it does deliver. It comes out in a powder which you rub between your hands until it disappears and leaves a tacky residue you then run through your hair. I like this product for my curls especially as I don’t have much problem getting volume into the main body of my hair – that is its nature – but often the roots are left looking less buoyant as it is always such a battle between volume and frizziness on top. So for both curly and straight haired ladies alike I would say this is a great way to add extra volume to your style.


However, this could just be down to my curls and could be an entirely different matter for straight hair (I would love to find out how you got on with this if you have tried it so leave a comment with your experience!), but I do have to use a good deal of product to get this lift. In the directions it states that you can rub it into your hands and apply or sprinkle straight onto your roots and work in for greater effect. I tend to go with the latter as backcombing and other methods of volume boosting would be a disaster for me. Therefore I do have to use much more product and make each use more expensive which is a shame. It is also very hard to tell how much you still have left in the bottle because it is completely opaque and the powder is so light.

Still, I am impressed with Schwarzkopf on this one. It is such an innovative idea and I was originally drawn to it because I had not really seen anything else quite like it before. I am really glad I purchased and will continue to use on nights out to give my hair extra lift and body throughout the evening.

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