Shockwaves Mousse, Gel & Cream

As I mentioned in my Phil Smith Curly Locks post, some days you really need that extra hold and on days like that I use Shockwaves Ultra Strong Power Hold Gel Spray. I find this is excellent for those touch ups when your curls are almost dry and just need more definition and hold. It says it is long lasting and it is not lying, this will last all day but most be used sparingly to avoid dry and hard hair. The spray design itself is also perfect for curly hair as it distributes the product evenly and to each of the individual curls where sometimes creams etc become localised with application. One negative however, this first and most prevalent ingredient is alcohol denat. This isn’t that great if you are really focusing on improving the health of your hair as it is incredibly drying – something which curly hair can ill afford as it needs that much more moisture than straight hair anyway. So this isn’t perhaps an every day use product but despite this, a great spray for excellent and strong hold throughout the day.

Shockwaves cropped 20130616_191734

Similarly, I use the Shockwaves Volume Mousse when I need extra hold and usually apply when my hair reaches that half damp, half dry stage as a way of reigning in those curls before they set completely as they are so much easier to manipulate damp than dry. This mouse offers fantastic hold and minus the alcohol denat that dries out your hair. I don’t have to ‘scrunch’ after using this product but perhaps I do not use enough to warrant this and those that use much more may still find this. Overall, a good staple to have and although not specifically designed for curly hair the massive amounts of volume it adds is beneficial and helps plump out those curls for a healthier, bouncier look.

20130616_191744 20130616_191700

Now something I use very very rarely but still within this collection is Shockwaves Tame it! Heat Defence Straightening Cream (shock horror in a curly beauty blog!) but we all get the urge to try something different every now and again and with the amount of heat and persistence needed to straighten my hair, I would never do it without some heat defence protection. I love the consistency and texture of this product and it has quite a pleasant smell to boot. My hair always feels so frazzled when I straighten it (a rare occurrence; perhaps once a year) but I do find myself using a lot of this to combat that dried out feeling. I wouldn’t recommend anybody use heat without protecting their hair but especially those of us with curls; it is a must. What I do like about this cream is that its consistency is like a concentrated conditioner and makes me feel like I am doing something good for my hair with the added benefit of including UV Protection. If anybody else has used any of these products and wants to let me know how they have got on with them then I would love to hear your opinions and compare notes.

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