Phil Smith Curly Locks

Phil Smith Curly Locks Phil Smith Curly Locks3

Always in search of the ideal product that will help me tame my curls I recently came across Phil Smith Curly Locks Curl Perfecting Conditioner. Phil Smith products themselves aren’t new to me as I swear by their Curly Locks Curl Perfecting Spray to help define my curls once they begin to dry by giving them a shine without the dreaded crunch that mousses often lead to. The Curl Perfecting Conditioner does make my hair feel very soft and silky but the smell is so plasticky; it is a real shame because it holds it back from being a good product. Naturally I know it is the effect of the product that counts the most but the experience when using it is also crucial. When using the Samy Curls Shampoo I felt as if every shower was a pamper session whereas this product does lack this extra je ne sais quoi. I like to keep this conditioner to hand when my curls reach that critical half damp half dry stage and add a little more to the ends to keep the curls more defined as they dry and for this it is really useful.

The curl perfecting spray is something that I turn to almost every time I need to set my hair after washing. The spray handle is perfect as so often I am scrambling through a box of products for it with wet hands, or hands with product on them and the larger grip gives me much more control, especially when styling the curls at the very back which can be hard to get to. Similar to the conditioner, this doesn’t have a fantastic smell. It also has quite a plastic smell but it is somewhat nicer and fruitier than the conditioner. The reason I keep repurchasing the spray is it is just so versatile; I use it when my hair is completely wet for a stronger hold; sometimes when it is slightly damp and drying to tame those frizzy flyaways that appear as it drys and sometimes the next day to reinvigorate those curls and add some bounce and definition. The spray offers this as it is quite watery and milky therefore lending itself to this flexibility without the crunchiness of a gel spray or mouse.

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It really depends on the look that I am going for but as many of you are aware we do not dictate our hair; it dictates us. As does the weather; the activities we do; the humidity and crucially whether or not you accidentally fall asleep on it during a nap! Therefore for different situations you might need a firmer hold or softer curls. It really is always very subjective but this product has become a staple of mine as a brilliant base product as well as a quick spritz to touch up my hair throughout the day.

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