Benefit, MAC & L’oreal Lipsticks


Now I had never really been a big lipstick wearer. Ever. But in the last few months I just had the urge to try something new and add a little colour to my lips. A few months ago, before a ball, a few friends and I had our makeup done by a benefit consultant where she offered advice about certain products etc. Now had committed to a minimum spend in return for this and as my dress was a deep red I decided to go for a lipstick that matched. For someone who never wears lipsticks to go to the most daring and rich colour she could find was perhaps slightly odd but I did get a lot of compliments and really enjoyed the change. This is not something I would wear on a regular basis however, but it was a step in the direction of becoming comfortable with lipsticks in general.


This Benefit Flirt Alert: Betty surprised me in fact at its wearability; especially with such an intense colour the first signs of slippage would be noticed from miles away. I only had to reapply once throughout the evening and on an occasion since when I have worn it, I have eaten and drank without it so much as budging. In fact to my complete surprise the next day my lips had the faintest twinge of red on them still! I would wholly recommend this product and the service we received during our makeup session. I bought this in conjunction with a staining gloss as well which acts to give that slick finish to the lipstick which also has a similar durability but both can be worn separately depending on the look you are going for. This balm also has a beneficial SP15 which those of you who are conscious of preventing unnecessary ageing like myself then this is great.

20130619_172325 20130619_172345

Much more recently however, I felt spring in the air and decided I would venture out in search of a pinkier summer lipstick that I could wear on a more regular basis that would just add a flush of colour to my lips rather than looking like they had been painted.  I received some misguided advice in a larger Boots store combined with a very yellowy overhead light and came away with something that truly made me look like prostitute Barbie in the cold light of day. I wasn’t going to give up hope however, especially being on a student budget. I was determined to make it work. Despite the initial shock of the colour L’oreal’s Color Riche Serum in Freshy Candy S101 has been very hydrating with a full and even coverage. An interesting detail with this lipstick which may be a contributing factor to the moisturising qualities is a little inner column of serum within the lipstick. Often, lipsticks with a vibrant colour can be very drying – not the case here. Having dared to wear this out to another ball last Friday I felt very comfortable with it. I used to sparingly to tone down the very bright colour but those braver than me may well love this bright pink. Overall very happy after the initial shock! I will certainly be keeping my eyes open for other colours from this line.

20130619_172258 20130619_172401

So after the shock of the bright pink I went on yet another excursion in an attempt to find a more nude colour lipstick that would be suitable for work and make me feel slightly more made up than your standard slick of Vaseline in the morning. This time I went for MAC Cream Sheen in Shy girl AA2 which was definitely more what I had in mind. As its name suggests it has a lovely sheen to it and the creamy texture doesn’t leave your lips feeling dry throughout the day. It has a natural tint but with more coverage which was absolutely perfect but at £14 for a lipstick it was a complete splurge and something I would have to think very hard about repurchasing. Having said that it seems it hasn’t fared very well in the recent spate of hot weather; causing it to melt in the tube and become very loose and difficult to apply. Granted this is probably my own fault for leaving it in full sunlight but out of the three lipsticks in the sun, this is the only one which showed any signs of melting.

20130619_174050 20130619_174539

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One Response to Benefit, MAC & L’oreal Lipsticks

  1. Jess A says:

    I’m currently obsessed with Vegas Volt from MAC — this amazing coral colour. Makes me feel awake!

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