YSL Elle & Dior’s Miss Dior

Perfume Cropped

Thing this with perfume is that is it a big investment for someone on any budget so to try lots of different ones and make that jump to a new fragrance can be difficult as we all get comfortable with what we know and love. My perfume of choice since it launched has been YSL Elle with a heavy feminine fragrance that really only needs one spritz for the day. It is incredibly long wearing as it lingers on your clothes and jackets for a few days as it gradually grows fainter. I love this because as someone who is always looking to spend wisely I feel I am getting my monies worth and its always such a nice surprise when you put a scarf on and you are greeted with a gorgeous smell and all the memories it encapsulates. This carries a woody/musky scent but has strong overtones of floral sugars but not in an offensive and ageing way. This is a very sexy scent perfectly suited for the evenings and nights out, this really is my go-to scent.

20130616_190235 20130616_190255

Over the years I have bought a number of perfumes but in a vain attempt to reduce my huge hoard of products I have completely restricted my buying of any more until the amount I have drastically reduces as I use them up. Saying this for my 21st birthday my beautiful friends joined together and bought me Dior’s Miss Dior Eau de Parfum which I immediately fell in love with. The smell is incredibly elegant and has similar musky undertones as the Elle but overall is much lighter and ideal for the spring and summer. Dior states that there are topnotes of ‘Italian mandarin with heart note of damask rose and base notes of Indonesian patchouli’. This highlights the very feminine and spring-time floral scents but coupled with the deeper musks which I love so much. And for those of you who, like me, haven’t a clue what patchouli is, it is apparently a herb in the mint family native to Asia. Good to know…

(Ps. To the astute out there who have noticed a third fragrance in the background I will be covering this as part of a June Empties post towards the end of the month covering everything I have recently finished and what I have thought of it having used the entire product.)

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4 Responses to YSL Elle & Dior’s Miss Dior

  1. Jess A says:

    I think everyone needs a signature scent…I was in love with Clinique’s Simply for a long time, until they discontinued it! Now I love Clinique Happy or anything by Clean (have you ever tried any of their stuff?)

    • sch100 says:

      I haven’t no but would certainly be interested in trying Clean! Clinique is also very high on my list and I have a cleanser that I have set my sights on when I’ve moved into my new home. Anything you might recommend? x

      • Jess A says:

        Clinique’s Happy is a really nice, fun scent. Kind of citrusy, but not as floral, which it sounds like you may prefer. Which cleanser were you looking at? For the longest time I swore by their Redness Solutions — so gentle for my uber sensitive skin. Their creams, I find, are totally worth the price.

  2. sch100 says:

    I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. I have been looking at their comforting cream cleansers as a cleanser that won’t totally dry out my skin.

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