Samy Curls Shampoo and Conditioner:

I was initially drawn to the bright yellow of this bottle and as I hadn’t heard of this brand before thought that it would be a good opportunity to experiment and try something new for my curly hair. Although impulsive, this decision wasn’t a rash one as I had to weigh up whether it would be worth spending on a shampoo and conditioner but at the end of the day my curls deserve to be treated with love and attention!

I read through the ingredients and product claims carefully whilst mulling over this decision and felt that no wax to weigh my hair down and no parabens was an excellent place to start. I don’t mean to get into a discussion of the effects of parabens or those who believe this is a myth but simply that I will err on the side of caution if it means I may not develop cancer in my later years. I also loved the idea of having more bouncy curls not weighed down under a tonne of product intended to keep them curly in the first place.

The shampoo has the most incredible smell. I kept smelling my hair as it was drying it was that good; and my hands as it happens as the smell clung to them even well after I had finished showering which was an odd and unexpected bonus. It is hard to describe but a very moreish, sugary lemon smell abounds when you open this bottle. The shampoo itself has a shine and glitter about it with a good consistency which foams up well and holds well in your hair. I simply could not get enough of the smell however, that really was the clincher in this case.

Samy Curls Samy Curls2

Now I pay a lot of attention to how my hair feels whilst I am washing out the shampoo and it is probably the best indication of the quality. Some leave my hair feeling squeaky clean but also very dry and rough which rings alarm bells in my ears. However, with Samy’s shampoo it left my hair feeling clean but soft as though it had been slightly conditioned as well, which we with curly hair know full well you can never get enough of. True to its words this product does make my hair feel cleansed, soft, manageable and with no sign of residue that will weigh it down, very pleased.

The conditioner on the other hand was quite disappointing. It did not have quite the same amazing fragrance sported by the shampoo, which seemed odd as they were part of the same range, and did not leave me feeling as though it had done a great deal to define my curls. Granted my curls are now incredibly soft and light and beautifully clean but this seems to be at the detriment of some curl definition. Overall, I would say the shampoo is certainly worth a try and has given my hair an extra level of conditioning softness with the added benefit of the most incredible sugary lemon sorbet smell but the conditioner could easily be left in favour of your routine one. And so the hunt continues…

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