Sanctuary Shower Oil & Crème Soufflé


I was led to this purchase through a rave-review from another online beauty blogger. My skin can be quite dry and after a long winter I have found myself desperate to get the pins out but not without industrial amounts of moisturiser. My current moisturiser here works beautifully but I was intrigued and very much drawn in by the idea of a shower oil which would help lock in that essential moisture straight away – thus either eliminating the need to moisturise post shower, or offering another boost to my regime and give me more time to spend on other things.


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The consistency of Sanctuary’s 2 daymoisture shower oil is fantastic, quite thick so as it not run through your fingers and it remains on your skin despite the water from the shower which is perfect. I could really feel the benefits even whilst still using it. It foams during use and leaves a fine oily residue behind which really does feel as if it is doing your skin the world of good. It felt very much like Vaseline’s cocoa butter gel; much thicker than Johnson’s baby oil and with good staying power; a comparison between the three may soon be on the cards it seems. However, despite a good experience overall I did not see such a massive improvement in my skin that I could completely do away with the moisturiser and with the price tag of £7 it does seem a little steep for a shower scrub albeit for an  interesting concept.

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The entire Sanctuary range carries a beautiful sweet citrusy scent that makes it hard to draw yourself away. For anybody who hasn’t tried their products before, it also has that deeper vanilla smell which immediately transports you to a spa pampering experience. Plus another huge bonus for those looking for a good deal; the Crème Soufflé is currently on offer in Boots if you spent more that £10 on the Sanctuary range, very easy to do because it is all so delicious! This was an absolute clincher in the shop and I am so pleased with the soufflé. It is light, fragrant and absorbs well into the skin. Within a couple of minutes I could dive under the covers without worrying that I would lose any product which is ideal for a busy lifestyle. The two products complimented one another very well and it seems that applying the mousse post-shower helped to further lock in the moisture added by the shower oil to which I may see more drastic improvement over time (of which I will be sure to keep you updated) as whilst I think initial reactions to products are important and can have lasting impacts on whether or not products should be repurchased, they may surprise you at a later date and I sincerely hope this oil is a hardworking behind-the-scenes number that I will see greater benefits from as I continue to use it.

So far I have been very impressed with the shower oil but, in truth, I did expect a wonder treatment and have since curbed my hopes and dreams for instant air-brushed legs.  I absolutely love the residue it leaves during showering as it does feel as if it is doing your skin the world of good and will continue to use alongside the gorgeous mousse which was just such a delicious bargain I cannot help but be completely gleeful about it!

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  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    These products sound fab!

    – KW

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