LUSH Marilyn Product Review

Before buying this product I checked out a few reviews online myself and was really pleased I took the plunge. Even the experience of going into the LUSH store makes you feel like you are being pampered; the assistants are always super-cheerful and seem to bend over backwards to answer all your questions. One thing that always draws me back to LUSH is their ethical responsibility which is fantastic and something other corporations would do well to take on board as it is such an important aspect of today’s society and something very close to my heart.

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The Marilyn hair treatments claims to remove any brassy build up in your hair and is specifically designed for blondes which is perfect for me as years of colouring has lead to my hair feeling distinctly more yellow than blonde shall we say. After a few uses I don’t think it has contributed to any drastic brassiness removal however, my hair has never felt so light and soft as after using this treatment. The directions suggest leaving it on for up to 20mins which would lend itself to the hair mask category but I can never resist leaving it on for at least an hour to allow plenty of time for the product to take effect (and truthfully I felt like a bit of a scarecrow with my hair so that extra 40 minutes was desperately needed). It certainly did make my hair feel much lighter and less weighed down with product, something those with curly hair would appreciate! This meant that my hair had extra volume as well which was an unexpected benefit. When I initially used it I was surprised at the runniness of the product which made it difficult to apply in the shower but once in my hair it didn’t drip or run any further.

As far as my continued experience is concerned, Marilyn Hair Treatment is an excellent investment for those quiet Friday evenings where you want to really treat yourself. The smell isn’t fantastic but perhaps this is due to the natural ingredients in all LUSH products which would mean they do not have that often manufactured perfumed scent about them. And although it isn’t particularly cheap at £8.95/225ml it isn’t something you use every day and as a simple treat worth the initial outlay.

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