New Acrylic Makeup Storage

New Acrylic Makeup Storage.

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Umberto Gianni Frizzi Review

Focusing specifically on my experience of these products with very curly hair I would truly rate them as my most used and most loved products of the last 2-3 months, although not strictly a curl-only product range. I am always on the look out for new/different products that will  care for my curls and I like this range’s unique selling point of argan oil at such an affordable price. To say that their argan oil pump is a ‘miracle worker’ is perhaps slightly hyperbolic but does make a noticable difference to your hair.

I have tried a number of hair oils in the past and they do run the risk of weighing down the hair and forcing my curls into tight sausage ringlets with very little volume (as can occur from overuse of mousse too) but not so with Frizzi. I love their packaging and design: the pump allows for very precise use of hair oil to avoid mess and wastage whilst the squezzy blow dry cream is perfect for a measured dollop after a shower.



Miracle Worker with Argan Oil 

I would agree that it “visibly transforms frizzy hair” as it holds my curl formations really well without weighing my hair down like other oils or mousses. The oil allows my hair to maintain a natural form and a softness you just cannot get with many other products. I really like how it melts away seemlessly into the hair fibre leaving high shine and although doesn’t prevent any breakages – does an excellent job of making hair look lush to the tips.Have I mentioned the scent? Oh boy. Using this in the morning just makes you feel good. I really have to applaud Umberto for this range’s fragrance in particular. They all carry the same frangraces laced with vanilla, floral undertones that smells extacly like a perfume I once owned and cannot for the life of me place. It smells insanely gorgeous. I would buy this just for the way it makes my hair smell!


Rebel Without the Course Dramatic Results Styling Spray

A favourite styling splray of mine this holdsvery similar properties to the Miracle Worker in terms of making my hair look shiny and healthy with a softening effect on my curl formation. The hold on this product is very light and is best applied to dry hair (I save creams, gels and mouses for wet hair asthey are more substantial and do the real heavy lifting). The effects are much more noticable on dry hair and is a great little spray to keep to hand to touch up throughout the day and maintaina natural but controlled curl. Again the smell is just beautiful – therefore giving the added bonus of saving your afternoon perfume touchup.


Frizz Off Blow Dry Cream 

I really like their Benefit-esque tongue-in-cheek approach to their products which is quite refreshing. The depiction of the girl on the tube perfectly somes up what I see in the mirror and immediately makes me feel as though Umberto understands me and all our curly-girl woes! I haven’t used a blow-dry cream before or even seen one for that matter. I know the sacred CurlyGirl Method is quite against the use of heat on curls and documents the adverse effects it can have however, over the years of meticulous care and absolutely no styling heat – a little blow dry can’t hurt can it? Plus we cannot grind to a halt as we sit patiently waiting for our curls to air dry…

I now cannot get by without this cream and I dread the dayit becomes discontinued. Again the fragranes is stunning – an ohso important to spoiling your locks. This really adds super hold to your hair with very little weight. No crunchiness like mousse – almost no heaviness like with more budget brands. I do also use very liberal quantities of all products in my hair due to its thickness and length (when curled my hair reaches to my lower back and when pulled out, even further). Depending on your own curls, and each head is completely different, I recomment using a good plum sized amount after each wash. Even using larger quantities I have found the whole range to be very good value for money and products which have become an essential part to my hair regime.

Frizz (6)

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Butterlicious Honey & Almond Body Butter

20130716_184318There is nothing quite like a little Sunday pamper evening to set you up nicely for the rest of the week. Now that the sun has his hat on most days and shorts and dresses beckon it is time to take a little care of our pins. I absolutely adore this honey and almond body butter. This was a gift from my sister a while back and I have utterly demolished this tub which is really saying something considering I could build a reasonably sized fort out of the body butters piling up in my spare room… I cannot get enough of the heavenly scent which, as the packing suggests, is almost delectable enough to eat. The formula is thick and very very rich but not greasy. It sinks into your skin without delay leaving a silky sheen which from experience allows your skin to retain moisture for longer and thus making this even more desirable. I am currently keeping my eyes peeled for this butter again in the hope that I can delve into some more. Highly recommended for summer.


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Benefit: Stay don’t Stray Primer

Benefit Stay (3)

I have to say this was actually an accidental purchase. No I mean really. Not just a “oh this just fell into my basket I don’t know how it go there” spiel you give the boyfriend when he comes back from the Gillette aisle in Boots to find you with armfuls of products that you probably already have two of at home… I wasn’t looking properly and needed to find a new concealer but picked this up instead. But BOY am I glad I did. I now cannot go a single day without using this little piece of heaven. I wouldn’t say I have dark circles or anything major like that however, I wake up, look in the mirror and fill a bit flat sometimes. This primer illuminates your entire eye area with the dual action of holding your concealer and shadow like magic. This has got to be my ultimate product of the month. Dab three dots of the primer both below and above your eyes for a highlighting lift to your eyes which makes you look rested, fresh and composed. I don’t quite feel like my make-up is coming together in the mornings until I get to this point in my routine.

Benefit Stay (4)

I have always been a massive fan of Benefit products and love the gorgeous, quirky and pun-riddled packaging that they come with. I was surprised to open this and find such a liquid based solution but then again when you are expecting a concealer that is quite understandable. I like the unique applicator after dabbing however, I use my ring finger to gently blend the primer in fully  (the middle finger is too heavy handed for such a delicate area). It has a very fluid creamy texture that blends very easily, leaving a finish not dissimilar to Benefit Porefessional (see here). It is a dream underneath concealer or highlighters; an absolute must that still maintains a natural make-up free look but gives you that little lift and a product I would wholeheartedly recommend to all.

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Gosh Powder Blush

2014-02-17 14.45.37This blush is natural 43 Flower Power offers great payoff with sleek packaging in an all-round good staple. I find that the colour is very dense so it is much better to go in light and build up the depth rather than the other way around. I love how versatile this product is however, with my milky-pale winter skin it gives a lovely rosy glow which just gives a natural flush. Yet with a slight tan it still creates great soft splash of colour. I was looking to bolster my collection of pink blushers without running the risk of looking like a geisha or china doll and with some care GOSH does offer that. I used my large realtechniques blush brush for best effect.

2014-02-17 14.45.51This gives a very good representation of the colour you get with this product in its unfussy compact. This is a great all-rounder which suits a variety of skin types and delivers exactly what I hoped and expected. I’m looking forward to growing my GOSH collection as I find that on the whole, this little beauty included, their products are slick, beautifully presented and deliver.

2014-02-17 14.46.03

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Statement Necklaces

I have got to  say, I love statement necklaces. Bracelets get in the way and I lose the back of my earrings as quickly as I put them in. Here are my most recent favourites that I wear daily.

2014-04-15 15.06.16

2014-04-15 15.06.23

This glass-like necklace is my absolute favourite and everyone who see it remarks on it without fail. I even received emails from colleagues at work wanted to know where I got it from. This from the Zara range but with no luck in the shops I took to ebay for this purchase. RRP £29.99 this was the most expensive but well worth it.


2014-04-15 15.07.14

Accessorize: This gold and black number is still available, very comfortable and a nice way to jazz up any basic outfit. at £8 this is an absolute steal. Link here.


2014-04-15 15.06.43

I have recently found quite an affinity with gold as it warms my complexion somewhat. This is a lovely staple that goes well with white shirts for work.


2014-04-15 15.07.48

I wear this knotted necklace from New Look all the time. It is light and very simple. The lack of colour means it goes very well with bright tops and patterns to balance out an outfit well.

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Lola by Marc Jacobs

This was a gorgeous surprise waiting for me from my other half and has now become my most used perfume. I love the warm floral scent that has deeper undertones of musk and vanilla. This perfect combination make it ideal for a smart daytime perfume that is easily transferable to an evening scent. The bottle is really playful and I like the oversized flowers that have adorned Marc Jacobs’ perfume of late. In short, I am hooked.

2014-05-24 17.22.12

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Dressing in Black and White

Dressing in Black and White
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